AEW Fight For The Fallen Results — July 13th, 2019

Welcome to Ringside News‘ results for AEW Fight For The Fallen. We will start the coverage at 7:30 PM EST when the event begins.

AEW Fight For The Fallen is the company’s third event and they put together a card that is pretty impressive and should highlight what the company has to bring to TNT in the fall.

For the first time ever, fans will see The Young Bucks face The Rhodes Brothers. Kenny Omega will also face Cima for the first time as well as the Lucha Bros vs SCU. Needless to say, there are a lot of first-evers going on at Fight For The Fallen.

Another very interesting question that will be answered pertains to Chris Jericho. Because he has an open microphone tonight at Fight For The Fallen and he is still waiting for his thank you.

You can check out the entire card below. It should be a show worth watching which you can catch on BR Live for free.

The card for AEW Fight For The Fallen is as follows (so far):

Kenny Omega vs Cima

Brandi Rhodes vs Allie

Cody Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes vs The Young Bucks

Adam Page vs Kip Sabian

Britt Baker & Rho vs Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestly

Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin, & Joey Janela vs MJF, Sammy Guevara, & Shawn Spears

The Lucha Bros vs SCU (Kazarian & Sky)

The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Angelico & Jack Evans vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy

Chris Jericho will also have an open mic

Buy In:

Peter Avalon vs Sonny Kiss

Sonny Kiss vs Peter Avalon

The Librarian was not received well, but that might have been the heat he was looking for. He stopped Kiss early on with a shove and a shush, but Kiss replied back with an armdrag with a splits and a triple back handspring into a slap to the face.

Avalon knocked Kiss down once again and then Sonny created some separation before taking him down with a leg lariat and a two count.

They blocked each other’s suplexes and then Kiss hit a suplex followed by a quick dropkick from Avalon. Sonny was sent to the outside and Leva Bates picked him up before gently putting him back in. Avalon was hoping that she would do more.

Kiss came back with an ax kick and then a bicycle kick before twerking and hitting a flipping splash. Avalon hit an enzuigiri for a two count.

Soon, Sonny kiss hit a split legdrop from the second rope for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Britt Baker & Rho vs Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestly

Britt and Shoko started off and they did some mat wrestling that eventually found Baker struggling to get to the ropes to get out of a submission.

Baker stopped Nakajima from getting under her, but then she came back with a dropkick to take down Baker. Bea Priestly took the tag and got a huge pop just joining the match.

Baker messed up and went to the wrong corner, but she eventually found her own corner. “You f*cked up” chants were heard on camera. Then Bea and Rho wrestled and Rho took some serious abuse to her arm from the Stardom Champion.

Rho was able to get to the ropes and break up the submission before Bea tagged in Nakajima who continued to wrench on Rho’s arm. Bea took the tag once again and continued to pick Rho apart. Then she landed a wicked forearm to the face and tagged Nakajima back in who just hammered at Rho’s arm.

Nakajima hit a flipping neckbreaker and kept Rho on the mat with a leg scissor as she drove her head into the canvas. Then Nakajima hit a handstand into a splash before Rho got out of the pin and soon tagged Baker back in.

Baker hit a neckbreaker for a two count and then Nakajima returned with a neckbreaker of her own. Nakajima went up top and hit a dropkick the sent Baker across the ring so Rho got the tag. Then Rho hit a double stomp on Nakajima, but Bea kicked her as she went off the ropes.

Nakajima nailed a 6-1-9 and then attempted a northern lights suplex, but it was blocked. Rho went for her own 6-1-9, but Bea knocked her out with a Superkick. Baker hit Bea with a slingblade and then this match broke down for a moment.

Nakajima and Rho traded punches in the middle of the ring until Bea and Baker tagged in. Then they started trading shots in the middle of the ring and a hockey fight broke out in the ring. Baker tried for a fisherman’s suplex, but Priestly reversed out of it. Then Bea hit double knees off the top rope for a two count.

Bea went off the ropes and Baker caught her with a superkick for another two count. Baker kicked Bea down in the corner and then Nakajima sent Baker to the floor where Rho already was where she hit a suicide dive on them.

Bea kicked out at two and a half off of a pinning suplex and then Nakajima hit a senton on Baker for a two count. There were a lot of two counts in this match as Priestly kicked out after taking a diving knee to the back of the head followed by a suspended DDT.

They continued on as the crowd got really into it. Finally, Nakajima got a roll up pinfall on Rho.

Winners: Bea Priestly & Shoko Nakajima

After the match was over, Bea Priestly and Britt Baker brawled a little bit until they broke it up.

Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin, & Joey Janela vs MJF, Sammy Guevara, & Shawn Spears

MJF and Janela started things out with MJF talking a lot of trash before Joey started things off his way by shutting him up. This match was fast moving once Sammy got the tag and he went toe to toe with Havoc.

Then Shawn Spears took the tag and Darby Allin begged for the tag. Allin got the tag, but Spears tagged Guevara instead. Sammy gave him the finger and said “f*ck you,” but Allin just came back with some fast action and an armdram before tagging in Janela.

They made a joke about beating the hell out of “the literal scum of the earth at a Blink-182 show.” Then MJF took a tag and knocked Janela to the floor. Spears tagged himself in to take advantage with some shots in the corner. He was drawing insane heat from the crowd.

MJF took a tag and he took Janela down before doing a cartwheel and a “10” right in Spears’ face followed by double middle fingers. Then chaos ensued which ended with Havoc slamming MJF onto Spears in the ring.

They soon set up with Havoc hitting a suplex on Guevara while using Shawn Spears and MJF’s backs as a platform. Darby took the tag and hit a crusher on Sammy, but Spears broke up the pin. Janela took out Shawn Spears and then MJF sent Janela into the corner hard.

Havoc hit an Acid Rainmaker on Allin and then Guevara nailed Havoc. Then Guevara hit up the entire ring with three dives in a row on opposite sides of the ring followed by a standing Spanish fly on Allin for a two count.

HUGE “AEW” chants now.

Finally, Shawn Spears hit the Death Valley Driver on Darby Allin to get the win.

Winners: MJF, Sammy Guevara, & Shawn Spears

Brandi Rhodes vs Allie

Suddenly, Awesome Kong walked to the ring where she stood there smiling before the bell sounded.

Allie took Brandi down after Rhodes tries to get an early jump on her. Allie stared Kong down and chopped Rhodes in the corner. Then Allie went to the apron and hit a kick on Brandi before getting in Kong’s face for some reason.

Kong just stood there and didn’t do anything before Brandi hit a dropkick on Allie through the ropes.

Brandi got some water and poured it all over Brandi and the camera got splashed as well. They moved back in, but Brandi only got a one count after hitting a sliding knee.

Allie wouldn’t stay down so she got up and nailed a kick to Brandi. Then Kong distracted Allie so Brandi could take control and get another two count.

Brandi missed a kick so Allie rolled her up in a cradle pin for a two count. They took a count of eight to get back to their feet before trading a bunch of forearms. Allie hit a couple of clotheslines and two running elbows in the corner followed by another sliding elbow in the corner for a two count.

They continued until Brandi got on top and Allie joined her. They jumped down and Brandi nailed a snap suplex for another two count.

Then Allie hit a Superkick and a running Death Valley Driver. She pinned Brandi, but Kong pulled Brandi under the bottom rope and the referee missed it.

Brandi tried to hit a lariat, but Allie countered with a dragon sleeper and Brandi was tapping, but Kong distracted the referee so he didn’t see the submission. Allie let go and wanted to check it out. Then Brandi hit the Bionic Spear for the win.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

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