WWE Superstars Cancel Plans For Podcast

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WWE Superstars are quite busy, but some of them have time to dive into the podcasting world. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins have their Major Wrestling Figure podcast, but they almost had some Good Brother competition as well.

PW Insider reports that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were able to pull down “ridiculously amazing” new contracts. This not only came with an apparent pay raise, but they also got a Phenomenal push as well.

Now that Anderson and Gallows are sticking around WWE for another five years that means some other plans they had might not happen. Obviously, they won’t be exploring what AEW, NJPW, and ROH had to offer. That also means that a planned podcast is going to be shelved as well.

Based on copyright and trademark filings, it appears the pair were also looking into pursuing a podcast post-WWE, but obviously, those plans have been halted.

It might have been a lot of fun to hear a Good Brother Pod, and we still might get that chance. However, right now Anderson and Gallows are going to be plenty busy in their new highlighted roles in The Club on WWE television.

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