WWE Seems Desperate To Secure More WWE Network Subscribers

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WWE is doing all they can to boost their numbers. This includes sending out special offers for the WWE Network. It turns out that they are really trying hard to get subscribers and if you act now then the WWE Network can be yours through the Summer for less than $1.

Fans are receiving an email blast from the WWE Network promising them four WWE Network specials if they subscribe today for $.99. These events include Extreme Rules, NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Summerslam, and Clash Of The Champions.

Previously these deals only covered one month, but it looks like WWE is taking a different tactic. For those who never canceled their WWE Network subscriptions this is certainly a tempting offer. Because it appears that new subscribers will get a $29 discount for the next few months of service.

We’ll have to wait and see if this tactic will help WWE pull in more subscribers. They certainly need as many as they can get right about now. Because the company is running out of things that they can brag about to their investors.

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