WWE Hall Of Famer Pulls Out Of AEW All Out

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AEW All Out sold out in fifteen minutes, but a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer will not be there. Booker T was reportedly scheduled to be at All Out, but he pulled out of the show.

Dave Meltzer reports that after agreeing to be at the event, Booker T has pulled out of AEW’s next big pay-per-view. It was noted that this move was made after Booker T realized that the war between AEW vs WWE is “very real.”

Booker T, after agreeing to come, has pulled out of All Out.  He evidently said when pulling out that he found out the WWE vs. AEW war was very real and he didn’t want to be in the middle of it. 

This is very interesting, but you can’t blame Booker T for not wanting to get in the middle of this war between companies. Booker T survived the first Monday Night War and became one of the only WCW faithful to arrive in WWE and actually make a career out of it. The company still treats him well and he is appearing on kickoff show panels all the time. They also inducted him and his brother into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

This is not Booker T’s fault at all. It’s just another indication that things are going to get much more fierce between the two companies as time goes on.

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