WWE RAW To Stop Using Authority Figures Due To Paul Heyman’s Influence

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WWE Raw had a different feel to it this week which is hard to deny. Paul Heyman’s fingerprints were all over the show and that is expected to continue even more as we get farther down the line.

One thing Heyman didn’t do was announce himself as an Executive Director of RAW or even address an authority figure on screen. This seems to fit with his direction and could go forward leaving match bookings to take place behind the scenes and not in the ring.

Dave Meltzer opened up briefly during Wrestling Observer Radio about one big change that we should expect going forward on Raw when it comes to this authority figure role.

“One thing they’re not going to do at least for this show [Raw] is at least for now they’ll have no heel authority figure and no authority figure at all.”

“During the entire time there was no mention of Paul Heyman. There was a very, very light chant when there were all the explosions at the start of the show. There was a very light ‘Thank You Paul’ chant or something like that. Thank you Heyman… there was ‘This is awesome’ and ‘Thank you Heyman'”

Paul Heyman has spoken up in the past about how he wants to tell long-term stories. He also believes that the idea of a general manager is played out. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get any heel authority figure’s influence on WWE’s red team at this point.

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