Vince McMahon Reportedly A Fan Of Sasha Banks Trolling Fans

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Sasha Banks stepped out of WWE after WrestleMania and since then she has kept fans guessing about what she is going to do next. Plenty of people are wondering what her next move could be, especially with AEW coming along.

Banks hasn’t addressed the idea of leaving WWE in a public forum. She’s mostly kept quiet about that subject, but plenty of people have seen big hints when it comes to her changing her hair, her name on social media, and even removing “WWE Superstar” from her profiles.

Tom Colohue reports that Vince McMahon is a fan of Sasha Banks trolling fans online while making them think that she’s going to leave WWE. This is keeping fans on their toes while thinking that Banks might be leaving.

The fact is that even if Banks wanted to leave WWE she can’t. The Boss signed a new contract last year so she’s committed to WWE for a while. We will have to wait and see when WWE decides to bring her back, but in the meantime, Banks seems very happy sitting at home and enjoying her new puppy.

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