AEW is going to be an alternative to WWE, but they are also fans of pro wrestling. Therefore, this recent episode of Being The Elite had a few very good “insider” pro wrestling jokes that you might have missed.

First off, Rick Knox was shown following The Young Bucks around. He said that he’s The Young Bucks’ referee and he’s not half-assing it. Knox then said he’s doing it “24/7.” Therefore, it looks like we have a referee with a reason to stay in his uniform the entire time.

There was also a segment where Brandi Rhodes was backstage watching Allie vs Leva Bates. Then she was shown how you’re supposed to look at the television when watching a match backstage with your body facing the camera like WWE does it. Brandi remarked how she could see it much better that way.

AEW referee Bryce Remsburg was standing backstage (or so we thought) when MJF walked up and started bribing him. After Friedman left, the real Remsburg walked in the frame to reveal that the other man is his legit twin brother.


Yes, AEW has a referee with a twin brother which is a great reference to the classic Dave and Earl Hebner referee switch angle. It looks like the cat is out of the bag about that one in AEW so that big evil twin referee twist doesn’t look likely now.

You can watch the entire episode of Being The Elite below and see if you can spot any other inside jokes we might have missed.

Felix Upton

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