Welcome to Ringside News’ LIVE results for AEW Fyter Fest. This show is going to be a big one with a lot on the line and you won’t want to miss anything so keep refreshing and tell your friends! The comments section is open for discussion. Check back when the Buy In show starts at 7:30 PM and we’ll get this thing going.

AEW Fyter Fest is the company’s second official event, but they seem to be on a roll. It very well could be another sold-out show for The Elite and this action could be intense.

We could very well see AEW’s policy toward “death matches” because Jon Moxley and Joey Janela could tear each other apart in Mox’s first AEW match. This is why why are having a “non-sanctioned” contest. So it technically won’t be Moxley’s first AEW match if they won’t recognize it.

There are no titles on the line tonight, because AEW hasn’t awarded any titles yet. However, there is a big tag team triple threat set up where the winner will get a match at All Out. The tag team match at All Out will determine which team gets a bye in the AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament that will start when AEW debuts on TNT.


You can check out the entire card below:

Non-Sanctioned Match

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr., Fenix, & Laredo Kid

Cody Rhodes vs. Darby Allin

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Nyla Rose

Adam Page vs. MJF vs. Jungle Boy vs. Jimmy Havoc

Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA

SCU vs. Private Party vs. Best Friends (Winner will receive a match at AEW All Out on August 31st where the winner of that match will get a bye in the upcoming AEW World Tag Title Tournament)

HARDCORE MATCH (Buy In Kickoff Show Match)
Michael Nakazawa vs. Jebailey

Also, Leva Bates vs Kylie Rae was advertised by Fite for the Buy In, but it hasn’t been made official just yet.

SCU vs. Private Party vs. Best Friends

This match had some big ramifications because the winner will get a match at All Out with even bigger ramifications. Trent and Isiah Cassidy from Private Party started out. Then Chuck took a tag without much action as they felt each other out.

Chuck hit a shoulder block and sent the smaller Cassidy down. As Chuck was posing, Kazarian tagged himself in. Then Marq got the tag and Frankie took some hurt to him. Scorpio got tagged in next and hit a spinning backbreaker.

Then Trent tagged in to face Sky. SCU used some tag team skills on Trent and sent Chuck to the floor. Kazarian posed for the crowd and got a two count while “SCU” chants started. Trent hit a stiff chop, but Kaz kicked him and then Marq taged himself in and hit everyone in the ring with some kind of kick to get a nice pop. Then Private Party hit a few innovative tag team moves and a dive to get a big pop for themselves.

“AEW” and “Private Party” chants broke out and they basically reset as The Best Friends hit a double vertical suplex on the outside to Isiah Casside and then SCU sent Marq outside where they hit him with a double team DDT.

The Best Friends clotheslines SCU out of the ring and then they hugged each other which got a huge pop. They hit a double team Ace Crusher for a two count on Isiah Cassidy.

Private Party took a lot of abuse, especially Cassidy. Chuck Taylor did some damage to Cassidy and then tagged Trent who got a two count on a northern lights suplex. Isiah didn’t give up as the Best Friends continued to pick him apart while leaving SCU on the apron.

Isiah kicked Taylor and then Trent took Marq off the apron, so Isiah had to tag in SCU. After a melee, Trent hit a swinging DDT on Sky, but Kazarian blocked a second one. Marq tagged himself in and hit a very nice sunset flip for a two count.

Finally, SCU nailed a double team unprettier for a two count and this was a close two count. Chuck got taken off the apron, but Isiah shoved Sky into Kazarian as he was on the top turnbuckle. Marq climbed up and then Trent hit a German, but Marq landed on his feet. Private Party hit a springboard stunner for a near fall, and then Private Party hyped each other up as Taylor sent Marq to the floor. Trent nailed a knee to Isiah and then Private Party hit Strong Zero for the win.

Winner: Best Friends

The screen went to The Dark Order where they cut a promo on The Best Friends. Then it seemed like they booked a match at All Out, but they didn’t really book it. The lights went out and then when the Ocean Center’s lights came back on the ring was surrounded by creepers, but then the lights went back out and when they came back all of the creepers were gone.

The Young Bucks cut a promo backstage where they turned it into a documentary mocking Fyre Fest. Kenny Omega was there are well and he said that he’s finally got The Young Bucks gear. Kenny was talking fast and getting pumped about Fyter Fest. The Jackson’s gear is going to look great, but he blew half budget so they had to fire two of the models on the stage. Then they brought out mannequins in their place.

Levas Bates came out and started shushing everyone and then Peter Avalon ended up being in the tent. Avalon got all pissed for some reason and he threw the tent in the pool and decapitated the mannequin. Then the librarians started cutting promos about books and getting booed while the crowd chanted “we can’t read.”

Avalon just kept repeating everything that Leva was saying. Then they kept shushing each other. This was honestly not amazing and then Allie came out and she was very happy to be there. Oh, it’s a match.

Allie vs Leva Bates

They got off to a slow start with Leva shushing Allie. Then Allie grabbed her finger and pulled her to the mat for some wrenching and then she stomped on it. Bates rolled out of the ring and Brandi Rhodes was seen watching backstage as she is facing Allie at Fight For The Fallen.

They made a joke on commentary about how it was nice to see Brandi watching TV backstage “from a sensible angle as well.”

Leva hit a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Avalon pulled at Allie’s foot and Leva dropkicked her out of the ring. Allie got a two count on Bates and then Leva rolled Allie around into a stretching submission while she shushed her.

The crowd was chanting “Hooked on phonics” while Leva kept shushing Allie. Then Allie turned it up, but she took a shotgun dropkick into a double knees for a two count.

Bates tried to get a double underhook, but Allie nailed a neckbreaker as a reversal. Allie hit a series of running elbow strikes followed by a sliding elbow for a two count.

Leva hit a lungblower and a pedigree — what a move to give a heel? 1-2- kick out from Allie.

Then Allie hit a kick and won the match.

Winner: Allie

They had another backstage segment where they told him that Blink 182 pulled out. That’s what happened with Fyre Fest as they pulled out a day before the event.

Michael Nakazawa vs Alex Jebaily

Alex Jebaily is not a wrestler and Nakazawa went to the ring waving oil that he put in his trunks. This should be fun.

Nakazawa cut a promo about how CEO sucks and it was pretty great as he brought up Alex’s previous injury. Then he started focusing on the left leg after he corrected him.

Alex hit a scoop slam on Michael Nakazawa after overcoming an initial assault an then Nakazawa got out of a waist lock by covering himself with baby oil. Then Alex slipped and so did the referee. They were really selling the oil. Nakazawa covered Alex with oil and did a running stomp that he slipped into a senton for a two count.

They moved outside the ring and Jebaily hit hit with a clipboard and then a video game console for a two count. Justin Long was there at ringside too so, cool. They moved to the side of the ramp and then Alex tried to drown Michael in the kiddie pool they had. They used a flamingo as a weapon and then Alex bodyslammed Nakazawa into the pool.

They moved back to the ring. Alex threw in a Gamecube controller before setting up a table. Then Nakazawa choked Jebaily with the controller wire and then Nakazawa speared Alex off the apron and through the table.

They moved back in the ring quickly and Nakazawa toyed with Alex before hitting him with a kendo stick. Then he took off his thong and was trying to do a move with it, but Alex reversed into a German suplex and then they got a bunch of buttons out of a bag and laid them down. Then Jebaily body dropped Nakazawa and Alex hit him with a kendo stick. Alex kicked Michael in the crotch, but Nakazawa reversed a roll-up attempt for the win.

Winner: Michael Nakazawa

Okay, the actual show is starting next as Jim Ross walked to the ring.

Jon Moxley appeared on the screen and told everyone cleaning up the weapons around the ring to leave them there. Because he’s going to show people what Jon Moxley is all about tonight.

Christopher Daniels vs Cima

After a little running the ropes, Daniels pulled an armdrag to slow things down a bit. They know each other very well. Cima came back with a dropkick that sent Daniels out of the ring and then he hit a baseball slide to the outside.

They returned the ring and Daniels eventually hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that sent Cima outside. Then Daniel hit a release northern lights suplex on the floor to continue the punishment to Cima.

They returned the ring where Daniels hit a slam and an STO for a two count. “Fallen Angel” chants started as he hit a suplex on Cima before hitting an Arabian moonsault into a crossface.

Cima threw up a boot as Daniels ran for the corner and then Cima hit a few moves and a lungblower for a two count. Cima sold his hurt back and Daniel it a blue thunder bomb and an Angel Wings for a two count.

Daniel blocked a top rope powerbomb, but Cima hit a liger bomb and a perfect driver for a two count. Then Cima hit a top rope double knee drop for the win.

Winner: Cima

Riho vs Nyla Rose vs Yuka Zakazaki

Yuka and Riho took some abuse from Rose as she slammed them into each other. Then they had to cooperate to take down Rose with a double dropkick, but Nyla powered out of a double team submission attempt. Nyla then slammed them both down and hit a double splash for a two count as they both bridged to their feet and then Nyla hit a double suplex on both of them.

Nyla hit a bearhub on Yuka and slammed her down before turning her attention to Riho with a suplex. Then Nyla threw Yuka onto Riho. Yuka took Nyla to the outside with a hurricanrana and then she hit a dive on both Riho and Rose.

Yuka brought Riho in the ring and then Riho just got control as Nyla came in. Yuka hit Nyla with a 6-1-9 and then Riho hit a double foot stomp off the top for a two count.

Nyla Rose soaked in some heel heat as Yuka fought back, but Nyla came back for a two count. Nyla hit a suplex that sent Yuka out of the ring and then Riho came in to get hung up from the top rope. Then Nyla jumped on the top turnbuckle and nailed a sick diving knee to the side of Riho’s face, but she didn’t pin her.

Instead, Nyla climbed on top. She took out Yuka and then went for a senton, but missed. Then Riho jumped on top and went for a body press, but she was caught. Yuka jumped and she was caught too as they rolled Nyla up for a double two count.

Yuka went for the Magical Girl Splash, but Riho got her knees up. Nyla hit a German suplex on Yuka and a Beast Bomb, but Yuka broke it up. “This is awesome” chants started. Then Nyla caught Riho for a Death Valley Driver for another two count.

Suddenly, Riho rolled up Nyla and hooked the leg for the win.

Winner: Riho

Nyla tried to get revenge, but Yuka saved Riho and they ran Rose off with a double dropkick.

Adam Page vs MJF vs Jimmy Havoc vs Jungle Boy

MJF came out first and the crowd was booing him before he even got a chance to speak.

The crowd said: “you suck” and MJF said “you know your mother whose basement you live in — she swallows.” Yep. Welcome to AEW. MJF said he used to love video games and then he lost his virginity.

Hangman page got some nice pyro during his entrance. They are obviously making him a huge star in AEW.

MJF dodged Page and shoved Jungle Boy as Havoc bit Page. Then MJF and Havoc were sent to the floor. After running the ropes for a second, Page nailed a boot to Jungle Boy and a couple of chops and a rana that sent Page to the floor. Havoc jumped in next and he hit a dropkick, but MJF jumped in and tried to steal a pinfall, but was unsuccessful.

Page hit a dive to the outside on MJF and Jungle Boy hit a dive on Page. Then MJF stopped Jungle Boy from hitting a dive only to tease one of his own.

The action continued in the ring and Jungle Boy nailed a top rope powerbomb for a two count. Then they set up a tower of doom move that actually sent Jungle Boy into MJF.

MJF escaped a running lariat from Page and Jungle Boy hit a reverse rana on Havoc. Then Page almost had a pin on Jungle Boy, but MJF put his foot on the ropes to block the pin.

MJF hit a double stomp on Havoc’s arm and kicked Jungle Boy out of the ring before Page broke up a pinfall for MJF. Finally it was Page and MJF — the match Hangman wanted.

They stood nose to nose and got started. MJF tried for a sharpshooter, but Page got one on him first until MJF got to the ropes to break up the submission.

MJF nailed a heatseeker piledriver and Jungle Boy broke up the pinfall. Then Havoc threw Jungle Boy onto Luchasaurus. Havoc blocked a heatseeker and almost had the pinfall, but MJF blocked an acidrainmaker. Page hit a lariat on Havoc and MJF got out of the ring.

MJF lost, but Page didn’t get the pinfall on him as Havoc took the pin after taking a Deadeye from Hangman.

Winner: Hangman Page

Cody Rhodes vs Darby Allin

Darby had a bodybag that had “Cody 1-1” written on it. Nice touch.

After a bit of wrestling around to start things out slowly, Darby reversed a hip toss and Cody went outside to waste some time. Cody moved back inside and got frustrated with Allin’s wrestling and slapped him.

Then Cody sent Darby all the way outside and crashing to the floor. Allin sold outside while Cody did some push ups in the ring. Cody maintained control, but Allin wouldn’t let him get the pinfall.

Cody threw Darby against the turnbuckle and Allin went crashing to the floor. Then Cody told the referee to start counting. Then Allin went in the ring and Cody rolled him up for a two count before nailing a clothesline that turned Allin inside out.

Cody kept selling his right hand and wrestled Darby to the mat where he locked in a submission hold. Cody kept up the punishment, but Darby kept kicking out. Then Cody went for a nice suplex on Allin, but he reversed it.

Suddenly, Allin came back with a spingboard tornado body block, but Cody got to the ropes and kept selling his left hand. Then Allin dodged a clothesline and hit a suicide dive on Cody.

Cody turned things around quickly as he swept Allin’s legs on the steps that sent him falling hard onto the steel and then he hit his own suicide dive.

Darby hit a couple of running back elbows on Cody and a flipping powerbomb for a two count. We’re at the 15-minute mark.

They eventually moved to the apron where Darby bit Cody’s left hand that he kept selling. Then they went back to the ring and Allin went for a trustfall kind of dive to the apron that did not pay off at all. Allin hit nothing but the apron off the Coffin Drop.

Darby fell onto the bodybag and Cody zipped him up before hitting a Disaster Kick for a two count. Allin got back on his feet and fell down. There is now one minute remaining in the match.

Cody started whipping Darby with his weight belt and now there were 30 seconds remaining. Allin blocked a Crossroads and hit a stunner. Then Cody hit a Crossroads, but he couldn’t get to the pin in time and the twenty-minute time limit expired.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

The crowd was chanting “Overtime” as Shawn Spears jumped in the ring and nailed Cody RIGHT IN THE HEAD with a steel chair. Cody was busted open badly! They gathered around him, but he was okay enough to walk off after they put a towel on the side of Cody’s head.

Eventually, Cody was led off, but they took a minute to clean up all of the blood.

Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

This match started off fast and fans loved The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega cosplaying as fighting game characters. The Luchas nailed a triple dive and there were plenty of quick tags and fast-moving action.

Things settled down a bit as Omega rallied on Laredo Kid. Then Kid got on the top rope and jumped only to get hit by a dropkick from Omega on the way down. Kenny went for a dive, but Penta stopped him.

Then Penta took off his glove slowly and did the “Zero fear” taunt and it was very over. Omega dropkicked his ankle and went for a head crusher. Fenix nailed a kick from the apron and the Young Bucks took him out with a double team move. Then Laredo Kid took some punishment from all three Elite members.

Kid sent Matt into Nick Jackson and then he hit a kick to Omega and tagged Penta who hit a backstabber on Omega and then Fenix kicked Omega and hit a rana on Omega before he hit a suicide dive on Nick Jackson. Matt Jackson got caught on the ropes and Penta nailed a double stomp on Jackson.

The Luchas took the Young Bucks out and Omega kicked out of a flipping powerbomb only to have Matt Jackson return the favor. Then a Superkick Party broke out.

The Elite hit triple liger bombs for two counts. After another exchange, Omega nailed a V Trigger on Penta and Fenix hit a cutter. Then Nick Jackson jumped in and took out Fenix before setting up for a swan diving Meltzer driver to the floor. Then Lerado Kid broke that up before hitting a dive to the floor leaving only Omge and Fenix in the ring.

Omega hit a V Trigger and a Tiger Diver 98, but Fenix kicked out at two. Then Omega hit a One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

That was the end of the event… but wait, there’s more. A “lights out” non-sanctioned match. This is promising to be a very violent affair.

Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela

They turned the lights off and brought them back up before the match to give this a really ominous and classic feel.

Joey facepalmed Mox and Jon came back with a kick, but Mox went outside and Janela nailed a dive. Then Mox threw Joey into the crowd. They fought through the crowd and Mox nailed a stiff punch followed by Janela fighting back and throwing Moxley back to ringside.

Then Joey got a table out from under the ring. Jim Ross pointed out that the ring posts in AEW are squared off. Joey grabbed a prosthetic leg from the crowd and hit Mox.

Moxley’s eyebrow was bleeding already as he slammed Janela and a chair at the same time. Joey sat Mox on a chair and missed a dive smashing the chair in the process before a two count and some more elbows from Moxley.

Jon got a barbwire wrapped chair from under the ring and stomped it on Janela. “You sick f*ck!” chants started as Janela stopped Mox on the top rope. Then Janela climbed up and nailed a rana one onto the barbwire chair before taking a chairshot from Joey. As Mox’s back started to bleed, Janela got another table.

Janela hit a Russian legsweep on Mox through a table from the apron and Mox’s arm was all cut up. Then Mox put Janela through another table that was propped against the turnbuckle.

Mox sat up two tables at ringside and Janela gave him the double birds. Then Mox jumped in to hammer away at Joey before pulling out a barbwire wrapped board from under the ring and he propped it against the turnbuckle.

Then Mox tried to throw Janela through the barbed wire, but Joey reversed it and Mox ended up taking a big bump through the barbwire board. Suddenly, Mox exploded out of the corner with “a thunderous clothesline you could hear in Orlando” as JR said.

They moved to the apron and Janela pulled out a very large ladder. Then Janela climbed all the way up on the ladder and hit an elbow drop through the tables where Mox was laying.

Then Janela pulled out another barbwire wrapped board and propped it in between the ring and the barricade. Jon threw Janela through the board and then he went outside and got a sack of thumbtacks.

Moxley spread tacks all over the ring and then took off Joey Janela’s shoe. He slammed Janela into the tacks including his bare feet. Then he hit a Death Rider onto the tacks and won the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Before Moxley could leave, Kenny Omega rushed the ring and nailed a V Trigger. Then he sandwiched Moxley in two broken tables and hit a springboard double foot stomp onto Moxley.

They fought through the crowd and Omega grabbed the mic stand off the stage for Blink 182 that “canceled” and he hit Mox. Then Omega put Moxley through the drum kit and grabbed an electric guitar that he smashed over Mox’s back hammering in the tacks that were already embedded in there.

Finally, Kenny Omega left as Mox was led away by two referees. Suddenly, Mox fought off the referees as Omega came back with a trashcan. Omega nailed mox a few times with the trashcan before hitting a DDT onto the can.

AEW Fyter Fest went off the air with Moxley smiling and looking very happy as Kenny Omega posed and walked away.

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