NXT Superstar Gets New Name

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Sometimes WWE likes to switch up someone’s name even if they entered the company with an established identity. Brennan Williams is no different as he has now been christened with a WWE persona.

WWE has a few athletes in the WWE Performance Center that came from different sports. Brennan Williams played in the NFL with the Texans, Jaguars, and Patriots and now he’s playing for NXT.

The Bodyslam.net noted that Brennan Williams will now be called Dio Maddin. That is a very clever name.

Fans could get to know Dio Maddin soon enough as he has a lot of tools to be a stand-out performer once he gets a little bit more time in the ring. The fact that he’s getting a new name has to be a good sign that he’s even closer to making a much bigger debut. Someone like Maddin who came from the NFL is definitively the kind of guy WWE likes to push to the moon.

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