It’s no secret that WWE superstar Rusev is more than willing to take shots at WWE in the name of either being noticed, or perhaps even just for the fun of it. The guy clearly feels as if he has been mistreated in some way, shape or form, and it definitely seems like there’s some weight to that idea.

Of course, a lot of people think he should probably just try and prove himself based on in-ring merits alone, but he isn’t really even being given the opportunity to do that.

It seems almost obvious at this point to suggest that The Bulgarian Brute will go elsewhere soon in the name of furthering himself as a professional wrestler.

Fans have picked up on, specifically, the above quote as they continue to try and make sense of some of the things that Rusev says and does. In this instance, it feels like he’s implying that WWE doesn’t really look after their ’employees’ as much as other companies – such as Google.


One fan pointed out that he is an independent contractor and not an employee, but either way, this feels like a notable shot in the direction of WWE.

Rusev isn’t the first guy to hint at this kind of thing whilst being with the company, but it definitely seems to be happening more and more in recent times. We’re living in an exciting new era of pro wrestling, and this kind of social media activity continues to be a big part of it.

Harry Kettle

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