In addition to not being given all too many opportunities to shine as a singles star on SmackDown Live, it seems as if WWE superstar Liv Morgan is also having some issues on social media.

Morgan has been treading water ever since she was separated from the other two members of The Riott Squad, with many fans believing that they would’ve been stronger if they had remained together.

Even with that being the case, though, Morgan certainly has a lot of potential, and it’s just a case of utilizing it in the right way.

We’ve all seen the issues that WWE superstars have had with hacking and things like that, but it seems as if this is a different kind of problem altogether – one that can lead to a case of mistaken identity.


As you can see Liv has been happy to clear things up, as there is a Liv Morgan (of some description) contacting fans and asking for money. It’d seem obvious to point out that this clearly isn’t her, given that she wouldn’t really have any need to do it, but some fans just won’t be convinced unless they’ve heard it from the source themselves.

In terms of what matters in the ring, though, we can only hope that Morgan is given an opportunity or two to shine in the next few days, weeks and months.

She has the potential to be a world champion one day, but WWE needs to start building her up like one.

Harry Kettle

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