MJF is a heel on another level entirely. He has an ability to enrage people unlike pretty much anyone else in modern day wrestling. Naturally a lot of people hate his guts and that makes him very happy.

While recently speaking to Busted Open Radio, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was asked about how he feels about all of the hate he gets. Because MJF has a way of triggering people in a totally unique kind of way. If you ask Friedman, he’s happy as can be because that means he is doing his job.

“Here’s why that makes me smile from ear to ear because I’m in it to win, but I’ve got another job. See, TK [Tony Khan] signs my fat checks for a reason. He signs my fat checks because he knows people are tuning in because they wanna see me get hurt. They wanna know who’s gonna take down this young, brash, arrogant, incredibly good-looking kid.”

“The answer is no one and that’s why I’m gonna keep laughing and driving to the bank with my fat stacks of money because no one is going to be able to stop me. I am a goddamn freight-train and there is only one track I’m on and I know I keep saying it and I know people out there are rolling their eyes and punching their radios and that’s fine with me, it makes me laugh… I am going to be the face of this promotion. I am going to be the World Champion. I am going to make my mentor and best friend the Rollercodster, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes proud.”


MJF will undoubtedly be getting a focus when AEW debuts on TNT. The only question is how far MJF will be allowed to go in order to incite a riot with fans across the country.

Because if given the green light to take things as far as he wants MJF’s words alone will bring a ton of attention to AEW just because of what he’s allowed to say on television.

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