Male Enhancement Pill Company Tweets At Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan gets a lot of attention. It would be nice if she received that kind of spotlight on WWE television, but she’s certainly getting love from one unlikely source online: Bluechew

You might be familiar with Bluechew and if you’re not we’ll just suffice it to say that it helps a male’s downstairs area perform. Last night Liv Morgan had a date with a different kind of Woody and he brought along Buzz and the rest of the Toy Story gang.

Morgan went to see Toy Story 4 last night. She was “giggling like a maniac” when she went in and then she was crying three minutes later. Therefore, Toy Story 4 seems like a great bi-polar experience.

It wasn’t until after the movie was over when Liv Morgan tweeted out “it was incredible.” Then Bluechew (who obviously keeps up with Liv Morgan’s timeline) responded saying:

“We get that a lot”

This was a pretty clever move on the Blue Chew social media team’s part. However, Liv Morgan was just really getting into the nostalgia of Toy Story rather than getting somewhere else.

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