WWE’s New UK Television Deal Doesn’t Stack Up To AEW

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WWE recently announced that they will be airing on BT Sport starting in January 2020. However, that might not be the best deal when you take everything into consideration.

Sky Sports dropped WWE because of low ratings. Now they will be on BT Sport which fans will have to pay for. If you compare this to AEW’s deal on ITV it’s hard to deny that AEW will have the upper hand in a lot of ways.

Popular IWC account PW Fandom really painted an interesting picture when they laid the numbers out to illustrate the number of fans that will be losing access to WWE’s product with this change.

Let’s look at the actual numbers of people who have access to BT’s offerings. 2.12 million households had access to BT TV directly in Q1 of 2019. 8.61 million Sky users had the ability to purchase access ontop of existing packages but not by default and certainly not for free.

Although you can’t guarantee that availability in more homes will mean that more fans are going to watch, it certainly won’t hurt matters. Therefore, UK fans might find themselves transitioning into AEW fans soon enough simply because it is the only show they will get.


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