Becky Lynch Says She & Seth Rollins Are ‘Stronger Together’

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Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are a couple and they have been dating for several months. They thought that things were obviously strong enough around WrestleMania because when the two sat next to each other at the WWE Hall Of Fame the Internet Wrestling Community blew up with questions about their relationship.

While speaking to Hollywood Life, they brought up the sentimental tweet that Seth Rollins sent out a day before the MTV Movie & TV Awards were filmed. In that tweet, Rollins simply said: “When I found you, I found me.”

Fans could only assume that The Architect was talking about Becky Lynch. “Oh yeah! People can look into it any way they want,” Rollins replied when this theory was brought up to him as he looked at Becky Lynch with a smile.

Then Becky Lynch chimed in and said: “I think we are stronger together anyways.”

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are certainly getting a lot of attention. They are officially the new power couple in WWE as the company has made a point to call them that on several occasions. Hopefully, their relationship can last because WWE is putting a lot of work into promoting the fact that two of their biggest stars are dating.

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