Scarlett Bordeaux was assaulted at a recent AAA event. There’s really no way around it because she wasn’t inviting to be groped or pulled in. However, a fan wrapped her up and put his hands all over her.

Ever since Bordeaux reacted to this event, the IWC has been discussing it in a big way. One fan tweeted back at The Smoke Show saying that what she wears does matter because “your body is yours but you showed it to the whole world like it means nothing. It is your fault if you got groped.”

Bordeaux read this because she’s a real person who runs her own Twitter account. Needless to say, she didn’t appreciate this violation being blamed on her one bit.

Sounds to me like you don’t respect women unless they fit YOUR standard of what they should be. If someone finds the way I’m dressed attractive. It doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they want to me. Your lack of self control doesn’t mean you can violate whoever you please


We can only hope that this doesn’t happen again. Obviously, Scarlett triggered this dude at the AAA show, but that’s not her fault. He should have been able to control himself. In most other situations he would have seen some consequences for this infraction or at least been kicked out of the event.

Scarlett Bordeaux must now continue being extremely careful from now on because apparently she never knows when a fan might grab her at a show. This shouldn’t be something that she should ever have to worry about.

H Jenkins

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