MJF Says Jon Moxley Isn’t His ‘Cup Of Tea’

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AEW has a lot of star power on their roster, but one of the biggest heat magnets they have by far is MJF. Not only will he tear anyone down because he’s better than them, but he’ll take shots at anyone’s pet as well.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, MJF took a shot at Jon Moxley by saying that it looks like he needs to take a shower. Moxley’s star power is undeniable, but the former Dean Ambrose is not Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s favorite lunatic.

“Jon Moxley is not someone I would hang out with on the weekends and drink with. He’s not my cup of tea. Does he have star power? Absolutely. Does he look like he should take a shower or two? Absolutely. I think he brings a tremendous amount of star power to our company that already has an insane amount of star power. … He absolutely fits the bill.”

This could set up a feud down the line, but with AEW just now really getting their doors open there are a lot of possibilities from this point on. Moxley vs MJF certainly sounds like a match with a lot of drawing power to us.

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