WWE has a lot of tactics they can use to make sure that they get their message across to the Superstars. One thing that they can always do is rally everyone in a big room and make them sit through a presentation hosted by Stephanie McMahon, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer spoke about a meeting that Stephanie McMahon held for NXT Superstars before yesterday’s tapings. This was said to be a typical “rah rah” speech for WWE, but there was an underlying message.

It was said that Superstars can choose their own brands in WWE on a personal level. It was said that they have control over how they are represented on social media and how influential the WWE brand is to help them succeed. Dave Meltzer expanded on the company’s reason for making a big social media presentation before the NXT tapings.

“They are trying to convince people not to leave with the idea that your career is over when you leave. They’re trying to convince the fans of it too like they’re doing a lot of subtle things like that stuff with the local wrestlers like on 205 Live with the idea of like you’re not in WWE then you’re a joke. Yolo County Tag Team Champions or something — yeah they’re trying to get this ‘it’s WWE or it doesn’t count you’re not in wrestling.'”


“They used to do this before like when Cody left like ‘of your career’s over the minute you leave’ and most of those guys were believing it then, but now none of them are believing it anymore and the guys who are leaving are all happier that they’re gone so now it’s exposed.”

The fact is that there are really only so many spots on the roster, but WWE keeps signing new Superstars because they want them. Vince McMahon is collecting Superstars and he’s running out of room on his shelf to display them.

However, there is now another option for wrestling on a bigger stage and WWE is obviously doing what they can to make sure that they don’t lose their footing.

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