Velveteen Dream has another lesson for pro wrestling fans that he would like to share and he went back to his Instagram stories to serve as his internet classroom.

Dream posted a series of stories this morning which not only explained the entertainment form of pro wrestling, but it also continued to put responsibility on the wrestlers themselves to get over. He previously had lot to say about this topic as he defended Vince McMahon.

We have taken the time to transcribe Dream’s entire lesson which you can read below. He paints a picture of WWE as a television show with actors playing roles. He also refers to what they do in the ring as stuntmen playing out a scene while listing a ton of people who were able to make the part given to them work.

“Most of you hate being wrong.


You must do what you have to do. In order to do what you wan to do. Life lesson.

Case in point: This series will show you talent who made what they were given work. Good and bad.

Santino Marella made it work.

Damien Sandow (stunt double) made it work.

The Miz made it work and he’s still making everything given to him work.

Chris Jericho literally make ‘it’ work. Makes everything work.

The Godfather, APA, The Rock, D-Lo made it work.

My friend Eugene be like Eugene made it work.

A wrestling clown Doink made it work.

He’s the Boogeyman and he’s making it work too.

Goldust made it work. Unfortunately, “you can’t handle the truth” – A Few Good Men (1992)

Having the machine behind you is a separate conversation.

I am talking about playing your part to the best of your ability.

Not holding out because you’re not being booked the way you wanna!

Let’s talk about it.

Everyone leaves WWE at some point so if that is your point… grab a new number, stand back in line, and try again.

Steve Austin started as The Ringmaster (bad gimmick). Steve Austin made it work so he earned trust he earned the right to be STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

Dwayne Johnson started as Rocky Maivia (bad gimmick). Dwayne Johnson made it work so he earned trust he earned the right to be THE ROCK.

Glenn Jacobs started out as Dr. Isaac Yankem (bad gimmick). Glenn Jacobs made it work so he earned trust he earned the right to be KANE.

Dave Bautista started out as Deacon Batista (bad gimmick). Dave Baustista made it work so he earned trust he earned the right to be THE ANIMAL BATISTA.

Paul started out as the blue blood Hunter Hearst Helmsley (bad gimmick). Paul Levesque made it work so he earned trust he earned the right to be TRIPLE H.

Kayfabe is dead and furthermore an archaic concept. There’s a lot more than you currently know that goes into pro wrestling sports entertainment. Whatever you call it.

And the world should know because this ain’t the carnival anymore.

Name a TV show on Network TV that you watch where majority of the actresses and actors get to control the script!! GO!

Sports entertainment pro wrestling it’s like a live theater performance broadcast on network television. Based on fictionalized sport and the grandiose personalities who take part in it.

We are actors with no classical experience with acting. We are stuntmen who train for matches (fight scenes).

WWE has always been honest about what this is, SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.

If you could take that lesson and show it to any pro wrestler thirty years ago it might cause someone to get trapped in the corner of a locker room so some kayfabe could be beaten into them. However, Velveteen Dream plainly said that kayfabe is dead so there’s apparently nothing to worry about.

Other pro wrestlers might have also taken offense to being called a stuntman as well. Mick Foley notably had a problem with that as Ric Flair said “he’ll always be known as a glorified stuntman” in his autobiography. Again, apparently Dream isn’t worried about offending pro wrestlers with his latest lesson.

We would love to hear your comments below about what Velveteen Dream had to say. In a day when pro wrestling is making a huge comeback it seems that sports entertainment is becoming quite transparent as well.

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