WWE brought another show to Saudi Arabia and they were not allowed to hold a women’s match despite bringing Alexa Bliss and Natalya along for the trip. Renee Young was allowed to work the big Saudi Arabia show, but apparently, she didn’t get through it without getting yelled at.

Brad Shepard reports on Oh, You Didn’t Know that Renee Young was yelled at by people described as religious police because she didn’t have her head covered while in their country.

“I was told by a source in WWE that Renee Young was yelled at by what was described as ‘religious police’ for not having her head covered in Jeddah and General Sports Authority officials kicked them out of the arena […] while they were there for Super ShowDown.”

“I’m not sure exactly when it happens, just in the time-frame that they were there.”


This makes sense to a certain degree because WWE employees are guests in Saudi Arabia when they go there. They also must abide to their customs and there is a huge list of things that people don’t want to be caught doing in Saudi Arabia due to their strict religious culture.

Apparently, Renee Young showing her head was a problem for some people, but she probably would have had a hard time covering her head and making it work with the microphone on her headset during the WWE event in Saudi Arabia.


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H Jenkins

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