WWE has used a lot of tactics before to prove that they are a supreme force not to be messed with. This is one of those stories that would have certainly proved a big point if it would have went down.

Chael Sonnen recently spoke to Ariel Helwani where he said that someone from WWE — he can’t reveal who — called him and offered him seven figures to jump ship after UFC 148 or just not show up at all.

Sonnen had a UFC Middleweight Title fight coming up against Anderson Silva and the offer grew substantially if he would have left UFC for WWE as a UFC Champion.

“No call, no show,” Sonnen said. Because apparently, he got two offers. One was to no-show the event, but an even bigger one would have come if he could beat Silva and then leave for WWE.


“I got two offers — or the second one was do show and beat him and be on Raw with the belt on Monday. Yeah, and that was a much bigger offer.”

Sonnen later said that WWE offered him $1 to no-show UFC 148 and $5 million if he showed up as UFC Middleweight Champion. He did not consider either offer which is good because Sonnen was unsuccessful in defeating Anderson Silva that night.

The interesting part is the reason why he received this offer from WWE. When Chael Sonnen asked why they wanted him so badly, “he said — and he paused — and he said ‘to stick it up Dana White’s ass.'”

If anything, CM Punk seemed to find this story rather humorous as he responded with a wave.

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