AEW will be on TNT in the Fall, but despite the fact that we have a very good idea it will be starting in October we still don’t know exactly when.

Television contracts take a lot of time to get together and AEW has taken very careful steps to make sure everything is in order. TNT and professional wrestling has a well-known history which could be considered as well.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed how Eric Bischoff only had two weeks to prepare a deal to buy WCW and get a television deal for them when the company was up for sale. He also revealed in comparison how much time AEW took to finalize their television deal which is still lacking a very important piece to the puzzle.

“If you follow AEW stuff, AEW and Turner started talking before Thanksgiving and there was actually like vague talk before that, but the real negotiations, the first real meeting serious stuff was a couple days before Thanksgiving and the deal was finalized in May — May 15th was when they announced it. It was probably finalized to a degree a little before that, but even today we don’t know what day it’s on.”


“So it’s like the actual finalization and everything isn’t there until they decide the day which I would have thought we would know by now and even now we still don’t know.”

AEW and TNT worked together on their upcoming television show for months and there still might be some specifics they need to hammer out. The fact that they haven’t announced a specific day of the week yet might also be a strategic move because it could give competitor less time to arrange something to go against them.

Only time will tell when AEW will make their upcoming television show’s day of the week official, but fans are still waiting and will likely make time to watch the upcoming AEW television show no matter which day of the week it ends up on.

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