Alexa Bliss loves Disney, but she thinks that the live action movies that the company is pumping out every year for the rest of time are too much. She isn’t alone in this, but the masses are obviously in favor of the nostalgia and seeing Will Smith as a genie.

During a recent episode of Up Up Down Down, Bliss and Zack Ryder discussed their love of Disney, but Bliss draws a line. She isn’t into the new live action remakes because they take away from how special the original animated films are.

However, she is willing to make an exception for The Lion King because the Simba character looks so cute.

“I’m not really looking forward to any of the live action movies actually except for Lion King I am looking forward to because Simba looks so cute, but I’m not looking forward to Aladdin. I feel like it takes away from the originality of how like special they were like back when they were d.”


Alexa Bliss is still very dedicated to Disney and loves the company. She even has the coordinates to Cinderella’s Castle tattooed on her arm in white ink. She has a limit though and she’s not looking forward to those live action films taking away from how special the original stories were.

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