Why Sasha Banks Started Using Her Real Name On Social Media

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Sasha Banks and WWE have worked something out, at least it appears to be that way. That won’t stop the rumor mill from churning every time she makes a change on social media.

We previously reported that Banks changed her name on social media and re-introduced herself via a post. This was very interesting for some fans as they started to see the writing on the walls that Banks is leaving WWE.

At this point, Banks is not in a “CM Punk” situation as PW Insider explained. She met with Vince McMahon last week and the expectation is that she will be making a return when the time is right. It was also explained why she changed her social media names to her legal alias.

Using her real name on Instagram is nothing more than her using it to differentiate herself from the persona she portrays on WWE TV.

We will have to wait and see what happens in Sasha Banks’ situation. Hopefully, she will make a return for a surprise moment that rejuvenates her character, but you never know what Vince McMahon could be planning for The Boss.

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