WWE Copied AEW Double Or Nothing Comedy Spot This Week On RAW

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R-Truth and Carmella were able to escape this week from RAW and Killings is still the WWE 24/7 Champion, but they pulled it off with a very familiar spot to make it happen.

WWE and AEW need to watch each other’s shows so things like this don’t happen. It apparently did this week because we have our first instance of duplicating the other company’s spot. It didn’t take long at all.

Dave Meltzer pointed out during Wrestling Observer Radio that they seemed to copy a segment on RAW this week that was very familiar for fans who watched Double Or Nothing. Because it was almost identical to the spot that The Young Bucks did before Double Or Nothing where they hit someone with a double super kick causing papers to fly all over the place.

“Did you notice that the spot with Carmella and Drake Maverick was the exact spot that the Young Bucks did with Cody’s buddy with the papers flying like exact from the [Double Or Nothing] show last week, like the show right at the beginning where this guys’ playing security.”

“I mean he threw throws the papers exactly. I mean Jesus Christ I would never copy the other guys’ you know comedy spot that they just did the week before.”

Perhaps Vince McMahon didn’t know that this was the same spot or even similar because he didn’t watch AEW Double Or Nothing. Either way, McMahon probably loved it because it made it on WWE’s television show.

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