Bully Ray allegedly called an unruly fan backstage where he scolded him for being overzealous toward Allure and other female wrestlers. The fan claimed he was being a fan and calling out the heels. Fans around him in the crowd have also supported his account of the events.

We’re not sure what happened once that fan was called backstage, but according to him Bully Ray talked him down and told him to go out there and be a fan. This was before he told this fan to treat the women like they were his mother in a threatening way.

ROH said they were going to investigate the matter and now Bully Ray has broken his silence and he had a lot to say to clear things up.

“And now the TRUTH…


I could not have been any nicer to said ‘fan.’

Yes… NICE… hard to believe.

I NEVER threatened, intimidated or berated said ‘fan.’ I handled the situation the exact opposite way most would assume, with decorum. Convo lasted less than 30 sec. I even gave the fan a friendly pat on the back and told him to enjoy the show and ‘go be a fan.’

His response, ‘Thanks Bully.’

Fan version of story is embellished to make fan look like a ‘victim.’

Bully Ray went on to say that this fan should have been ejected from the event instead of given a second chance. He also said that after this backstage conversation they found out “the severity of the vile comments and lewd sexual gestures made toward the women.”

Bully went on to say that he lives by a motto of respect toward women. This fan apparently violated that rule. Instead of being kicked out of the ROH television taping he got another chance to go be a fan.

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H Jenkins

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