When you think about some of the most intimidating individuals in professional wrestling today, there are probably quite a few names that come to mind. One of which, we’d imagine, is former WWE & TNA star Bully Ray aka Bubba Ray Dudley.

The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is currently enjoying a run in Ring of Honor, to go alongside his Sirius XM show. He’s always come across as a pretty intriguing guy, but according to this recent account, it seems as if he, Velvet Sky & ROH have some questions they need to answer.

As you can see by the below account, Bully Ray had an interaction with a fan backstage after security decided to remove him from his seat.

This individual was having a back and forth with Velvet Sky during her appearance on the show. After Velvet decided to insult him, he returned fire by mocking her partner Bully Ray.


After a short period of time it seems like Ray was informed about this incident, although it’s not known one way or another who made the call to take him backstage.

It would seem like the real question is why another performer wasn’t reprimanded for spitting on the man in question, which seems like a much bigger deal in the grand scheme of things.

There has, as of yet, been no response from either Velvet or Bully regarding these allegations, but that may change in the coming hours or days.

Harry Kettle

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