Batista Says He Went Broke After Leaving WWE

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Batista returned to WWE as a legit movie star for his program with Triple H at WrestleMania 35. However, things weren’t that great for him when he first left the company in 2010.

The Animal appeared at the Denver Pop Culture Con where he revealed that when he left WWE in 2010 things weren’t that great for him. In fact, Batista claims that he went broke and starved for three years.

“I starved for three years. I went broke. I lost everything. I couldn’t get a job and I said that I will never go back to wrestling until I prove what I set out to prove, and that was that I can make it as an actor.”

Dave Bautista is doing much better now and has a full scheduled of major films and other projects lined up. He’s not hurting for money now and he also had a chance to close things up with WWE the way he wanted to. So it’s good to be Batista now.

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