Tommaso Ciampa Fully Cleared For Activity

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Tommaso Ciampa had to relinquish the NXT Title due to neck injury. It was a sad moment to see him drop Goldy, but it looks like his time away from the title might be coming to an end soon enough.

The former NXT Champion was a special guest to cap off the NXT TakeOver: XXV kickoff show. During that time he had a very exciting announcement to make regarding his recovery after neck surgery.

Ciampa said he just went to his doctor at the twelve-week mark from his neck surgery and he got some great news. He is now fully cleared for non-contact activity. Therefore, with his progress and work ethic it might not be too long until he can start getting back in the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa is dedicated to make a return and obviously excelling in his rehabilitation. We previously reported about how hard he’s been working.

He was feeling great and jumped on top of the NXT TakeOver kickoff show panel’s desk to proclaim that NXT is still his house. No matter what happens in the main even of NXT TakeOver: XXV, Ciampa will still be keeping his eyes on whoever had Goldy.

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