NXT Superstar Rachael Evers was recently in a bad situation, but thankfully, she’s okay now. This is still a big reminder that you should never drink and drive.

Evers updated her fans to let them know that she was involved in an accident today. There was a drunk driver who pulled off a hit and run. What he didn’t count on was hitting an NXT Superstar who can run really fast to catch him for a picture or two.

Let me start by saying this: I am ok.

I was hit by a drunk driver today on my way home from the PC. Hit and run.

I’m extremely thankful it was my passengers side that was hit. Some people aren’t so lucky-please DONT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Side note: as he drove off, I ran after him and got the best pictures of both his plates and face. I love a good cardio challenge.

Let’s hope that they find this unidentified “Florida Man” because it is incredibly irresponsible and puts a ton of people at risk to drink and then get behind the wheel of a car.

H Jenkins

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