WWE Still Banning Hot-Button Word From Television

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WWE is still headed back to Saudi Arabia on June 7th for the Super ShowDown, but you wouldn’t know the location unless you visit the IWC or know your geography.

Saudi Arabia is a very controversial country so WWE just isn’t mentioning that they are doing a show there while promoting the Super ShowDown at the same time. This seems like a tactic they will keep up as you still can’t mention KSA on WWE television.

“By the way, Saudi Arabia still banned as a term,” Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio. This is very interesting because WWE is simply promoting the show in Jeddah like that city is the name of the country.

However, if you want to break it down even more it makes this situation incredibly interesting. Because WWE allowed Sami Zayn to say AEW on RAW, but they can’t mention the country that WWE has a 10-year deal with.

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