Kayla Braxton Is Bad At Owning A Cell Phone

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Kayla Braxton just celebrated a birthday and everyone had a great time at her surprise party. You can check out a video of the event below. It appears that her phone made it through the festivities only to meet a disastrous moment later on.

The WWE backstage interviewer and former NXT ring announcer revealed on Twitter that she just broke her iPhone screen for the “upteenth time.” We’re not quite sure how many times that might be, but it has to be a lot because Braxton says she’s due for a free one if Apple would institute a punch-card situation.

I just shattered my iPhone screen for the upteenth time. Apple should come up with a punch card situation. Break 9 phones get the 10th one free. I’d get there in no time.

Cathy Kelley is a good friend and said that she is going to buy Braxton a new iPhone case that is covered in bubblewrap. It needs to be big enough to protect her phone, but it could also keep her entertained for about twenty minutes while she pops her protection.

On that note, Kayla Braxton needs some new socks too.

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