Below are some backstage notes from Saturday’s Double or Nothing event, courtesy of PWInsider.

  • AEW President Tony Khan was in charge off timing for the event and brought the show in 15 minutes before the end of their alotted time. Many were impressed with his work, as it was the first time he’s done the job.
  • Kevin Sullivan, one of the producers for Impact Wrestling, was credited for the AEW video packages on the PPV.
  • The event was designed to be sports-oriented as much as possible.

  • Former TNA employee Bob Rosen was the individual that built the ring for the event. He also worked as the timekeeper at ringside.
  • Atlas Security worked the event and will continue to do so moving forward.
  • Matt Jackson wasn’t aware of Cody Rhodes’ throne stunt until the day of rehearsals.
  • Khan was excitedly congratulating everyone after their matches. His enthusiasm really touched a lot backstage as they realized how invested he was on a personal level.
  • Mike Tyson was backstage.
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