AEW Double Or Nothing was made so much better for some fans before they had Jim Ross around to do commentary. He not only looked great in his AEW jacket, but his voice provided an excellent soundtrack for the event.

Ross also appreciates the fact that AEW is letting their wrestlers speak from their own perspective. This tactic of not scripting promos allows performers to express their own characters without any outside influence dictating what they have to say.

After all, WWE Superstars have been fired in the past for not reciting written promos verbatim.

The legendary broadcaster had a chance to speak with The New York Post recently where he discussed how different AEW is from WWE. He also used this opportunity to share his thoughts about how embarrassing scripted promos are in pro wrestling.


“They’re not looking for play-by-play people, they’re looking for people who can narrate and give backstory and it’s very annoying for a wrestling fan. And maybe, someday, everybody will get there. If you’re talking about something totally different than what I’m seeing there is invariably a disconnect.”

“We’re going to give you [the wrestlers] your most sellable points, utilize those and work them into your promo and here’s your time, you get two minutes or a minute and a half. I just don’t see anybody going in the ring and doing a 10 or 12 minute scripted promo. It’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to me that that’s what the business has come to.”

We will have to see how things work out once AEW debuts on TNT. Hopefully, this idea of letting performers do their own promos will stick because it is certainly paying off with people like MJF.

In the meantime, JR will be waiting for his next assignment with AEW because they need to keep up this momentum that was kicked off in a big way thanks to Double Or Nothing.

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