Matt Riddle is one of the most exciting members on the NXT roster and there are plans for him to get a top match this Summer. Hopefully, Vince McMahon doesn’t call him up to the main roster before then, but even if he did the King Of Bros would rise to the occasion.

While speaking to the Miami Herald, Matt Riddle discussed how his usually laid back demeanor can change in a moment’s notice as soon as he steps through the curtain and sees all the bro fists coming his way.

“I’m usually just so laid back most of the times. I’m usually just chill in the back, having a Body Armor [sports drink], just relaxing.”

“Then when I see the people, and they got the fists extended for the fist bump, and they’re Bro-ing it out, I get pretty wound up. I get juiced, man… It’s really out of my control. I really can’t control my actions at that point. It’s not me. It’s the crowd that’s making me do it.”


“The entrance music happened because the Bro became what it is and the Bro became what it is over time. I’ve always been a Bro, and I’ve used the word ‘Bro’ a lot.”

Riddle’s charisma is pretty infectious and he can hold a crowd incredibly well. Vince McMahon might have him put on shoes, but again, let’s hope that isn’t the case. There is nothing wrong with how Matthew Riddle is being presented in NXT so nothing needs to change.

If anything, Vince McMahon could listen to Riddle and see him as a great challenger for Brock Lesnar down the line. Because The Original Bro has spoken on quite few occasions about how he wants to be the man to retire the Beast Incarnate.

Felix Upton

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