Matt Riddle Shoots On Brock Lesnar’s Lack Of Respect — Says He Will Retire Him

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Matt Riddle’s NXT emergence was a very exciting time for fans that have followed him from the UFC through the indie wrestling scene. Now that he is in NXT, Riddle sees no reason to slow down or cease his King Of Bros persona.

Riddle sat down with Jeremy Borash for an interview recently. A portion of this interview was shown on NXT’s television show last night, but you can check out the entire interview below.

Riddle spoke about his NXT debut and said that he didn’t want to be fake by wearing shoes. He said that Blue Meanie gave him some great advice that it is better for someone to tell you to tone it done than turn it up.

Riddle says he is about great competition which is why he is all smiles before the match, but when the bell rings he is very serious. He also has a very big goal that is constantely driving him.

“Retiring Brock, that’s no secret. That’s been the goal since I started wrestling. Since the very beginning. I like to set goals that seem impossible. Only one person can retire Brock Lesnar. Only one person can do it and that person is going to be me. I don’t like how it does it. I don’t like the respect that he shows and I don’t like the work rate he puts out.”

“That’s just my personal opinion I think he is capable of more. Maybe it doesn’t work out for me, maybe it doesn’t work out the first time, but I guarantee you that I’m gonna beat him and I’m gonna retire him.”

Riddle said that he has changed every company that he has been able to be a part of so far. Only time will tell if Riddle will accomplish his goal to retire Brock Lesnar after changing NXT, but it will certainly be an entertaining career to watch.

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