AEW is going to have a lot of very interesting announcements coming up and WWE might need to be worried. Although WWE is the worldwide leader in sports entertainment they are losing a big foothold in the UK fan base.

ITV did not do too well with their World Of Sport program, but with 27 million homes they intend on doing way better with AEW. In comparison, according to Fightful, BT Sport, WWE’s new UK television home is in about 2.9 million homes.

During Starrcast, Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan spoke openly about how their new deal compares with WWE. Needless to say, WWE could be losing a lot of their United Kingdom fan base when AEW’s television show starts up later this year.

Cody Rhodes commented saying that: “WWE’s UK deal sucks compared to ours.” This was backed up by Tony Khan who had a lot more to say while expanding on the subject.


“Yeah, they [ITV] were the first partner we could have chosen. The people at ITV are phenomenal. When I first went to them with this idea, I didn’t actually have anything yet. All I had was an idea … I went to them and I had no wrestlers or you know, really didn’t even officially have a name of a wrestling company, I had an idea.”

“They didn’t buy it, but they liked what I was saying. I hadn’t sold anything to them yet but we had a concept that they wanted to keep talking about. And when I did do all these things, they knew, ‘Hey, it’s a man of his word. He said he was gonna create a new wrestling company, he said he’d generate a lot of interest in the wrestling company, he said they were gonna put together a roster of the best performers in the world in a short time, and build this buzz. And that they would do this show in Las Vegas and it would sell out.’ And I went and did all those things, and then you know, they were there and they held up their end of the handshake too.”

WWE might need to start getting concerned, especially when it comes to their NXT UK brand that they recently sunk a lot of resources in.

WWE now has a WWE UK Performance Center, but way more people will soon be able to see AEW’s programming on a weekly basis thanks to their amazing television deal.

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