Who Played The Fake Big E On SmackDown Live?

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Big E made his big return to WWE last night, but then shortly after he was taken out backstage. It’s still unclear whether he was back for one segment or if he’s really cleared, but they played a big switch before he made his big return.

The New Day brought “Big E” out in a sheet, but once they revealed him it was very obvious that the man under the cover was not the former IC Champion. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods chastised the fake Big E for shrinking in size and having ashy knees before sending him backstage once again.

Then the real Big E came out and everyone was overjoyed to see him. What followed was a classic New Day promo with their signature antics. However, the Fake Big E had to get back to his real job in WWE.

The man under the sheet was WWE producer Temarrio Thomas. He tweeted out some time later that: “We couldn’t find him and I made an executive decision!!!”

Obviously, Kofi and Xavier were able to figure out this case of mistaken identity, but it still made for a pretty hilarious segment.

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