Brock Lesnar became the Beast In The Bank as he captured the Money In The Bank briefcase. He had a wonderful time making both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston wonder what he is going to do next, but we’ll know next week.

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Brock Lesnar walked out to open the show this week carrying the Money In The Bank briefcase like an old-school boom box with a big smile on his face.

Paul Heyman talked Lesnar up and Brock loved every boo he received. Heyman spoke about the “conspiracy theories that have been unfolding in front of your very eyes.” He also hinted at sneaking Brock Lesnar into the arena and alluded to the fact that Lesnar took out Sami Zayn and then Heyman made a very quick negotiation for Lesnar to take his place.


Then Heyman said that both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston are now vulnerable. He said that any time Seth Rollins goes anywhere he has to be paranoid that Lesnar will strike.

Then Seth Rollins made his entrance and he was incredibly over. Rollins said he’s already defeated Lesnar so he knows he can beat him. Then he proposed a match tonight.

Heyman said “you’ve got to play Brock Lesnar’s game” and The Beast Incarnate got nose-to-nose with the Beast Slayer. Heyman said this is “Brock Lesnar’s game of anticipation” so Rollins will have to wait until Brock feels like it.

Then Paul Heyman said that Rollins should be used to waiting. It’s like waiting for seven hours at WrestleMania so your girlfriend can main event the show. Rollins got very heated and dared Brock to fight him again. That was one of the best verbal burns of the year.

Then Paul Heyman said maybe Lesnar doesn’t even want to face Rollins. Maybe “it’s a New Day.” Kofi Kingston entered after that thanks to the Wild Card Rule.

Kofi wasn’t about interrupting Rollins, but he is trying to establish his legacy. He wants to be one of the best WWE Champions of all time. So he wants to face the best. He congratulated Brock on winning MITB, but if he’s going to cash it in, then he asked to cash it in on him.

Heyman mentioned how both champions are vying to face Brock Lesnar and he found that humorous. Then he said he has inside info that both Rollins and Kofi will be in action tonight and Brock Lesnar and his contract aren’t going anywhere.

Seth and Kofi found Triple H backstage and he booked them in a tag team match against Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. The crowd booed this booking decision.

The babyfaces ended up winning the main event match as Kofi Kingston pinned Baron Corbin. Then Bobby Lashley took both Rollins and Kofi out with spears. Lashley unloaded a couple of steel chair shots and then Brock Lesnar walked out with his Money In The Bank briefcase. He circled the ring and teased getting in the squared circle before stepping out and walking off while laughing his head off.

Brock Lesnar is really enjoying this new role as Beast In The Bank. However, before he left Paul Heyman said next week he will be back and announce which title he is going for.

So we will know Brock Lesnar’s intentions next week on RAW. Hopefully, that is enough to get viewers to tune in.

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