Becky Lynch Trolls Lacey Evans For Selling Fan Messages For $20

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Becky Lynch might have beat Lacey Evans at Money In The Bank, but the war between the two is far from over.

The Lady Of WWE recently fired back at The Man saying: “Bless her heart. We’re mocking the big mouth that was strutting around saying SHE was gonna retain BOTH. Conor McGregor called…..he wants his gimmick back. You’re embarrassing him.”

Lacey Evans has a cameo account where anyone can get her to call them a nasty for $20. This is a nice money-maker for WWE Superstars and she’s not the only one who has this service available.

Becky Lynch called big attention to this fact after Evans took a shot at her on Twitter.

The dope who shoots literal money-guns on TV, but solicits fans for $20 video messages in her hotel room is calling me a “gimmick.” 

We will have to see where this leads Evans and Lynch next. It’s very likely that we will see the two of them lock up once again. Next time The Lady Of WWE doesn’t plan on The Man even being able to call herself Becky One Belt.

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