JoJo Offerman Battled Life-Threatening Childbirth Complications – Her Life Was ‘Slipping Away’

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JoJo Offerman and Bray Wyatt welcomed baby Knash Sixx Rotunda into the world yesterday, but things were almost really bad for JoJo. Thankfully, she was able to pull through and everything is okay, but she had to battle through a life-threatening complication in the process.

JoJo’s mother updated fans and her Instagram followers that her daughter not only gave girth to a premature baby, but she had to battle preeclampsia in the process.

Preeclampsia can be a fatal condition, but birth was induced. Jojo was also hemorrhaging and her mother said that she could feel JoJo’s life “slipping away.” Thankfully, both JoJo and baby Knash are okay.

Welcome to the world my precious baby Knash May The Lord always bless you… As I share these beautiful moments with you I would also like to share the story of the most terrifying moments of our lives preceding the birth…baby Knash was prematurely born, Joseann had a severe case of preeclampsia that led to her being hospitalized and induced to give birth! There were complications before birth but my girl was a courageous trooper and delivered our their beautiful baby that filled the room with Joy, both of us grandmas and mommy and daddy were ecstatically happy! About 20 minutes later the most terrifying moments for us, JoJo was hemorrhaging and as I held her hands I felt her life slipping away, Thank God and these amazing doctors were able to stop the bleeding and stabilize her! I am still shaking… I am also so thankful to Windham’s mom Steph for holding me up during this whole ordeal, thank you to the medical staff and of course a HUGE props to a great man, a beautiful soul with an even more beautiful heart @thewindhamrotunda He has been by my daughters side 24 hours a day! Very supportive and loving! Windham if I loved you before just know that I love you even more now! You’re a special man…mommy and baby are doing good

It’s still unclear if fans will be seeing Bray Wyatt at Money In The Bank. It would stand to reason that Wyatt would be allowed to miss the show even if he was slated to initially be there. After all, he has a new family to take care of as they get to know Knash Sixx Rotunda.

Wyatt spoke openly about what kind of hardships he was having prior to this stage in his life. We are very happy to see that everyone seems to be doing well.

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