Carmella Talks Being Doubted Since Day One

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Carmella is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, but few people thought she would have made it that far. She already has two Money In The Bank ladder match wins under her belt and tonight she is looking to add a third.

While speaking to Hollywood Life, The Princess Of Staten Island was plugging her new Capo Cagna wine. Now that she is blonde once again and having a wonderful time with her new man Corey Graves, she also spoke about how she’s been fighting an uphill battle her entire career.

People didn’t think Carmella could make it this far and she has more than her share of haters. However, it’s not getting her down because she is used to people doubting her.

“I am used to having a target on my back. I have always had a target on my back, ever since I started with the WWE. I have been doubted since day one. I was the very last draft pick to come to SmackDown Live. I was the last one picked so everyone can relate to being the last one picked in gym class but you know what? I have something to prove. That is what I have done my entire career. I was never the chosen one. I was never on the independents. I never did anything prior to being with the WWE. So, I feel like the people who doubt me, I want to prove them wrong. I want to be a Capo Cagna!”

Carmella seems ready for Money In The Bank and hopefully, the extra rehearsal time the women got will help them really bring it. She might not be a betting odds favorite to pull down the briefcase, but that’s never stopped her from proving people wrong in the past.

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