Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Dave Meltzer – WWE Purchases WCW, What Led to WCW’s Demise, Failed Invasion Angle, More!

Meltzer informs that initially McMahon wanted to run WCW as a separate brand and was prepared to air WCW on Monday nights in order to build the promotion back up. The storyline was going to consist of Vince and Linda getting a divorce, and through that divorce Linda would get control of Monday night. She would then give this time slot to Shane McMahon and WCW.

In one night all these plans changed, and McMahon scrapped the entire thing. The one main event match between Buff Bagel and Booker T in Washington had a lot to do with this, as McMahon felt his audience wouldn’t accept WCW as a separate brand.

Meltzer notes that if they would have aired this match from Atlanta – where RAW was supposed to take place a week or two later – the fans mightn’t have turned on it so viciously, since WCW was quite popular in Atlanta but not so popular in Washington.

Meltzer thinks McMahon cut the plans so quickly because the XFL had just failed and McMahon didn’t want to have another failure on his hands, especially one tied to the wrestling business.