Lana is pretty confident in her abilities to pop a rating. This is why she is more than happy to help WWE out in their time of need.

The Ravishing Russian obviously noticed that WWE’s ratings are plummeting. It is pretty hard not to notice that WWE’s ratings haven’t been performing as they should recently.

Therefore, Lana decided to post a non-TV-PG video of herself in a swimsuit offering her services to WWE to fix their ratings dilemma.

Call me when you want ratings… because no one will make SD Live RAW or MITB ladder match RAVISHING like I can

Lana could help WWE pull a higher rating, but then WWE might have to answer to advertisers or the FCC if they really used her in the way she is implying. It isn’t the Attitude Era anymore, after all.

They certainly need to try something soon so we will just have to wait and see if WWE ends up using Lana as she is suggesting.

Felix Upton

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