Watch Bray Wyatt’s Debut As New Children’s Television Host Character On RAW

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Bray Wyatt has been gone for a while and it looks like we finally know why. Because he was busy building a Firefly Fun House.

Wyatt was teasing a new character for weeks with vignettes that we knew were for the Eater Of Worlds. Now we finally know how he is being repackaged and it is as a deranged Mr. Rogers type character.

The Firefly Fun House debuted on RAW this week and there was a lot to take in. Not only has Bray Wyatt dropped a lot of weight, but his personality is totally different too.

Wyatt acknowledged how he used to look and called himself a slob. Then he cut a life-size stand-up of his old persona up with a chainsaw. He is no longer a bad guy. He is a very good guy on another level.

This will certainly be an interesting new trip for the Eater Of Worlds.

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