Indie Wrestler Receives Huge Support After Personal Property Is Destroyed During Match

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You never know what can happen around an indie wrestling ring. Apparently, nothing is safe from becoming a part of the show and that includes a piece of someone’s gimmick.

Mr. Grim has a hitman gimmick and he comes to the ring with a briefcase. However, that briefcase was the unfortunate and unexpected target of vandalism during one of his matches as he wrote:

Last night, a worker decided to take my briefcase off of the apron, throw it on the ground, and stomp on it.
When I confronted him about it, he replied “don’t bring anything to the ring you dont want destroyed.”
My briefcase is a major part of my gimmick, and now im without it

Jordynne Grace said the the culprit was apparently an indie worker named Drolix. He took it upon himself to destroy the briefcase that Mr. Grim uses as a part of his character. This was not cool and the IWC quickly rallied around him.

Soon, All Ego Ethan Page asked how much the briefcase was and where Grim got it. This was apparently an Amazon purchase to which Page replied that Grim should buy a new one and then Ethan promised to PayPal him the funds for a replacement which he did.

It looks like this crisis was averted, but it still does not make up for the destruction of property. To his credit, Mr. Grim said that although it would have been totally justified he did not get physical about this to seek retribution because a shoot fight in the locker room is the last thing anyone needs.

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