Impact Knockout Upset Fan For Screenshotting ‘Unsolicited Nude’ Photo

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Impact Wrestling draws a lot of attention and sometimes those fans can get a little out of hand. Jordynne Grace has dealt with her fair share of inappropriate DMs before as she’s written two books on dirty DMs she’s received and a third is on the way, but she recently upset someone for screenshotting a dirty picture that she received.

Grace didn’t specify what she is doing with this dirty DM picture and for that matter she also didn’t identify this person as a fan. So it could have been anyone. However, what we do know is that they aren’t happy about her screenshotting the picture for safe keeping.

Some dude sent me an unsolicited nude on Instagram and I screenshotted it. Now he’s pissed off and threatening me.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

This is very interesting and we can’t imagine what Jordynne Grace intends on doing with this unsolicited photo. However, as she put it if you play stupid games you’re going to win stupid prizes. We’re still not clear exactly what kind of prize this person is going to win other than being afraid that he’ll be used as an illustration in her fourth book.

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