Roman Reigns On If He’s Still Trying To Convince Dean Ambrose To Stay In WWE

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The Shield is set to team together for the last time tonight. It will be Easter Sunday for most, but WWE fans will always remember it as The Shield’s last stand.

WWE is going to put as much attention on this match as possible as they air their final house show match live on the WWE Network. However, some are still holding out hope that they might be able to convince Dean Ambrose not to leave.

WWE uploaded a video of The Shield detailing their last few nights on the road. Seth Rollins is the Universal Champion and Roman Reigns is technically a SmackDown Superstar, but Dean Ambrose is still leaving WWE after his last commitment is fulfilled in Moline on April 21st.

Roman Reigns spoke about The Shield’s connection and Seth Rollins said that the gravity of the situation hasn’t set in quite yet. He said when the crowd chants: “Thank you Dean,” it gets him a little bit each time.

Roman said he’s riding with Dean Ambrose so it is very heavy for him especially since this is Reigns’ first house show loop since returning from his illness. When asked if they are trying to get Dean Ambrose to stay, Reigns said:

“Naw, the jokes are over, I want him to be happy. He seems like he’s in a good place and he’s happy, so that’s the key. That’s the key to life to just be happy. So different material situations and objects will come and go so where your heart is and what makes you smile I think is the most important thing and ultimately that’s what we want for each other.”

“We started out this crazy world by taking over this mountain and putting our flags in it so being able to achieve all of those things and now it’s back to the simple things and that’s just keeping a smile on our faces and keeping us happy so it’ll be fun… but it’s time to go.”

We will have to wait and see if Dean Ambrose will ever make a WWE return. The company certainly left the door wide open for him to come back when they announced his departure.

At least Dean Ambrose is making a decision that works for him and even though he is leaving his brothers behind in WWE they appear to be happy for him.

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