Carmella Tweets At Corey Graves Asking For Pictures From The Gym

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Carmella and Corey Graves kind of broke the internet for a bit when news about their relationship broke. However, Graves was much more open to speak about it over WrestleMania weekend at WaleMania.

Corey Graves tweeted out a pretty funny observation of people who go to the gym. While taking a light shot at the idea of engaging in gym photo shoots, Graves said:

I joined a new gym today.

So, here is my tweet about it.

That’s why people join gyms these days, right?

Carmella tweeted at Graves saying: “Pics or it didn’t happen..” followed by an emoji of a smiling face with its tongue sticking out. This was a pretty clever tweet because obviously Mella seems to be a fan of gym selfies.

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