Impact Wrestling Star Requests Release

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Impact Wrestling has a very talented roster, but it appears they are going to be down one member. Because Gursinder Singh has requested his release from the company.

Trained by Lance Storm, Singh made his debut with Impact Wrestling last year as a part of the Desi Hit Squad. Now he is requesting his release as he said in a public statement:

I can finally announce that I have requested my release from Impact Wrestling. A lot of people may not have chose to do this if they were in my position because I’m in a comfortable spot but I have a mindset of never settling and always focusing on working towards my future.

He continued thanking Scott D’Amore, Ed Nordholm, Don Callis, Gama Singh, Sonjay Dutt, Abyss, and Tommy Dreamer for their help. Interestingly enough, both Dutt and Abyss are now working for WWE as producers.

We will have to see where Gursinder Singh shows up next, but he appears to be working toward his future with this move out of Impact Wrestling.

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